Turn anonymous ad clicks into identified leads.

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FlyTech targets specific prospects from key accounts across advertising channels, identifies which prospects click on your ads and automatically sends their contact info to your CRM.

DiscoverWarm Leads

Our system helps B2B organizations target specific prospects across advertisement channels. We then analyze over 1,000 data points to determine the specific prospects that are clicking your ads and browsing your landing page, along with their contact information. Sync this data into your CRM so you can reach out to engaged leads that are showing interest in your product.


Data points collected per website visit


Prospect profiles collected and updated weekly


Match rate of ad clicks to prospects


Channels to target prospects

Our platform is designed to find warm leads that demonstrate buying behavior so your sales team can focus their time on in-market, qualified prospects.

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Our prospect identification engine

Ad Click Identification

We work with your team to create your ideal account lists and target specific decision-makers across digital advertising channels. Our proprietary identification platform then analyzes which prospects click and sends their contact info to your CRM.

Session Data

Once a prospect arrives on your landing page, we track their session data to discover what read, watch and click on. This data is enriched in your CRM so you can stay informed about the interests of your key prospects.

Personalize Outbound

Once a prospect is sent to your CRM, you can drop them into a nurture email drip based on their interests or send a highly personalized message based on your pages that they were reading.

Pipeline Generation

By unveiling which prospects are behind your ad clicks, FlyTech enables B2B revenue teams to focus their outbound activities on warm, engaged leads and send personalized communication that prospects actually want to read.

How we help clients build their pipeline through prospect identification.
“MQLs simply appear in our CRM, and many of those have turned into some of our longest customer relationships.”
Thorben, COO
“FlyTech is the most innovative growth platform I’ve seen. They constantly implement new features to stay ahead of the status quo.”
Aarti Rishi, Marketing Manager
“By emailing the prospects that are clicking our ads, FlyTech helped us drop our cost-per-meeting by 80%.”
Greg Tapper, CEO
“The data we collected with the FlyTech team completely reinvented our sales motion.”
Jonathan Fish, CEO

Start Unveiling Who's Behind Your Ad Clicks.

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